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Convenience Weaponized Against Diligence

Do you think our ancestors relied on convenience for survival? Absolutely not. Convenience has become a problematic societal norm. We are used to everything being handed to us from an arms length away. This leads to laziness.

Our ancestors used their hands to create. Activating their minds each day to reach higher planes. We as a society have lost touch with values. We have lost touch with the magic of our human nature.

Survival & growth take hard work. Our ancestors did not have the luxury to order in if too lazy to cook. They went out as hunters & gatherers. They had to practice diligence by showing up for themselves everyday, no matter how tired or weak they felt.

Convenience not only handicaps, but imprisons us to rely on someone other than ourselves to get the job done. This allows vulnerability and the ability to be manipulated & taken advantage of. This separates us from diligence. They want us to forget about self healing & self expression.

In reality, it took standing up against dark forces in the name of truth & freedom for humanity. Our convenient world today required risk and sacrifices on behalf of our ancestors, in the name of sovereignty. They kept the future’s of our children and humanity as a first priority, before all else. Let’s all cross the bridge of empowerment and get back in touch with this.

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