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Healing My Chronic Illness Using Fruits and Vegetables

Updated: Feb 28

By: Jane Torpie

"After years of debilitating health issues, and endless failed doctor appointments--

I realized it would be the rays from the sunshine, the whisper of the wind, the flow of water, the song from the birds chirping, the ripeness from fruits and vegetables; kindness to and from others, and the trusting of my intuition that would truly heal me. Life looks more beautiful now". - Jane Torpie

I have started healing and reversing years of debilitating symptoms from a multitude of conditions that doctor's told me were irreversible. I have been diagnosed with Myositis, Fibromyalgia, TBI, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, TMJ, Heart Murmur, Dilated Aorta, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sleep Apnea, ADD, OCD, Anxiety, complex PTSD. I was also born with hip dysplasia and craniosynostosis, both diagnosed but left untreated, doctor's laid me on my side as a baby and called it a day. I never knew of these birth defects until 25 years of age, they caused many complications I was forced to figure out on my own. I have reason to believe a childhood vaccine injury amplified some of these issues. Along with poor diet. My quality life had completely diminished by 16-24 years of age. Changes in gait occurred early as 12-14 years old, following a childhood vaccine. I could feel something was off, but did competitive cheerleading so continued to push my body without realizing the full capacity of the damage that had occurred.

By 19 years old, I went on a mission from doctor to specialist appointments, I was blamed by every doctor, even told to seek a therapist for my *physical* pain that I'd been experiencing.. They offered no answers and tried to force feed medications down my throat. Negligence at it's finest.

I had insight into pharmaceutical drugs, and how bad they were. Pharma drugs had been proven just as harmful as illicit drugs, yet everyone bows down to big pharma like they're our creator. I had abused xanax in the past, my father was an addict and knew the consequences of most of these drugs. I was suffering so much, bed-ridden and fighting the internal battle to function everyday.

I started getting angry at these appointments, and very upset. I had been referred by a Rheumatologist to go see a Psychiatrist for chronic pain. This was my final straw, I absolutely caused a scene on multiple occasions and I do not apologize. This failed medical establishment was messing with MY livelihood. Unable to face more shame or let down from these doctors, I took it upon myself to become my own doctor. I became familiar with medical terminology, with all the diagnoses and conditions. It wasn't long before I started noticing something was very wrong. As a fighter, I was never going to give up. This battle was going to bring me back to life, or bring me to the grave. No matter what, I would figure it out regardless, on my own terms.

I was experiencing neurological issues, many symptoms were similar to Parkinson's. I had a tremor, full body rigidity, I could not balance, I was no longer able to bend my wrists, hands, ankles or toes. I had constant muscle spasms which an MRI later showed was causing spinal straightening. I was moving robotically and pushing myself so hard to keep up with the fast pace of the world, that I hardly noticed how seriously wrong things had become.

Eventually symptoms became more and more apparent. Debilitating fatigue, balance issues, dropping things, having falls. I could not bend my wrists or toes, couldn't rotate my ankles. A tremor and full body rigidity stopped me from being able to move properly. I had trouble breathing, could not take a normal or deep breath for years. I had a partially torn rotator cuff, along with painful bursitis and scapular fraying. I was dropping things constantly. The brain zaps and visible spasms in my body. The unexplained fluid and edema that surrounded my muscles and kidneys. I couldn't cross my arms or lift overhead without severe pain. I was aspirating food and getting walking pneumonia on a regular basis. My vocal chords were spasming, I had cysts, nodules and so many other diagnoses all over my body. None of it could be explained. Doctor's told me it was all my fault, I was creating these issues for myself. Many told me to "see a psychiatrist". Not only did they lead me to believe my body was attacking itself but they also managed to make me believe I was the scapegoat.

I knew something was very wrong a few years into doctors appointments with no answers, the same horrific symptoms, with the same negligent response. I could not even keep track of my symptoms or diagnoses anymore. I reached a point of desperation, I prayed to Christ. Something had to change. I could feel that my body was holding onto toxins that needed to go. I had a deep intuition telling me that there was more and not to give up.

There was one thing I knew for sure, I was going to stick to my gut just as always. I'd always believed in making the impossible become possible. It wouldn't count if you didn't give it your all right? I believe in following your intuition at all costs, especially when it comes to the judgement of others. The one thing I always knew was that I could trust myself. I never believed any of these doctors or psychiatrists. I did not believe I was crazy. I knew I was too young to be experiencing many of these issues. I did not believe these doctors and I started calling them out one by one. Many did not like me at this point, but I didn't care. I would figure out what was wrong with me and how to treat it if they couldn't.

This would become a two year journey. My intuition first led me to find Dr. Sebi's alkaline diet, and then eventually Dr. Robert Morse. Overnight, I decided to give up processed sugar, fast foods, and animal products. I noticed the difference within a matter of weeks. My body began craving fruits like grapes, apples, pineapple, oranges. I started replacing meals with lots of fruit. I also began craving potatoes instead of junk food and snacks. I started making different smoothies everyday. Then I started having deep cravings for watermelon, cantaloupes, honeydew. I could eat the entire thing in one sitting. I indulged in lemon + lime water each day. My energy began to restore. I could feel how each separate food was affecting me. I kept pushing forward feeling stronger each day. It was not easy and required diligence. Giving up was simply not an option. I was highly motivated to get my finally life back.

I opted to learn how to cook and bake on my own. I no longer craved unhealthy fried foods, I didn't even miss dairy. Eggs, cheese, processed sugar and gluten made up most of my diet growing up. I used clean ingredients such as potatoes, chickpeas or spelt flour to satisfy unhealthy cravings, while making healthier creations. Using less salt, opting for honey, or maple syrup as my natural sweetener. Staying away from hydrogenated oils and all additives or preservatives. This meant no more packaged. I make everything from scratch now. It has become my art and a way to honor my creative abilities. It started becoming easier to move with less inflammation, eventually I was able to breathe again. I could finally jog and get back to working out like I used too. I have maintained a healthy weight and even started building muscle mass. There is truly no greater gift than getting your life back. I feel stronger and healthier than I felt during childhood. I will spend the rest of my life sharing this information to help others heal.

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