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Intuitive Eating Cantaloupe

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I listen to my intuition and it tells me what foods my body desperately craves each day. From the start of my healing journey, all fruit but cantaloupes & melons in particular have been my saving grace.

I crave them every single day, and can eat the whole thing in one sitting. I eat so much melon it’s ridiculous. It’s a combination of being in love and addicted, I have no words for how much I respect these fruits. Always have loved since childhood. Cantaloupes, watermelon, and honeydew continue to cleanse and hydrate my body so much.

I believe all of us will crave different foods based on what our body needs. I don’t think I will ever get sick of melon. I love juicing but I feel like I need to eat them for some reason. It’s pleasurable and brings me immense peace of mind, body, and spirit. Soothes my anxiety, worries and inflammation. Beyond grateful for these magical fruits.

Benefits of cantaloupe;

  • Soothes anxiety

  • Detoxifies, and deeply hydrates body

  • Alkalinizes the organs

  • Rich in vitamin A + C

  • Regulates heartbeat

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Nourishes mind & soul

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